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Remembrances of William N. Lipscomb, Jr. collected after his death in approximately chronological order.

William Lipscomb

William N. Lipscomb, Jr.
December 9, 1919 - April 14, 2011

1. Contributed to this website

  1. Eulogy by James Lipscomb, Apr. 15, 2011, containing ...
    1. Eldest Son.  He lived for two hours.
    2. Swingle Accident.  Bill's attempt to save the life of Elizabeth Swingle.
    3. Next Generation.  An old person may pull the child aside to pass along the important.
    4. Friends.  Bill had many quiet friends, but we never have so many close friends.
    5. Forgiveness.  Forgiveness to the son.  Forgiveness to the father.
  2. A Celebration of Life Service.  Memorial Church, Harvard Yard, Cambridge, MA, Sept. 10, 2011, containing ...
    1. Dudley Herschbach. Choosing very challenging problems.
    2. E. J. Corey.  Billís wide interests were important for him as a scientific adviser.
    3. Eric Gouaux. Billís dream of being a physicist not possible: in physics he could not make mistakes fast enough.
    4. Jim Lipscomb.  Eldest son.  Swingle accident.  Forgiveness.
    5. Stan Ovshinsky.  Bill the riff-ster in science, music, art, and comedy.
    6. Janet Conrad. Billís room was a disaster area.  The Yes-bell Uncle.
    7. Jenna Lipscomb.  No different from anyone else's family. Or so I thought.
    8. Marc Abrahams.  Bill was game for anything, and he could make anything work.
    9. David Lawton. Secret music scholarship.  Bill made those around him better.
    10. Music
    11. MusiciansMusic House Party players and friends of the family.
  3. Reception After the Celebration of Life Service.  Transcription of video provided to this website by Marc Abrahams, Sept. 10, 2011.  Informal party chat, not polished, prepared speeches, containing ...
    1. Richard Baguley. The only Nobel Prize winner that I have spilled wine on.
    2. Brooks. Playing blocks with the kids.
    3. Brian Conway. Sharing his knowledge of his butterflies with the second-grade class.
    4. Roberta Gilbert.  At the Ig Nobel performance he totally got into it.
    5. D.C. Goodwin. Reading books to the kindergarten kids.
    6. Dudley Herschbach.  Bill's courtesy a factor in bringing Hershbach to Harvard.
    7. Marianne Perry.  Sugar is bad.  (Bill avoided sucrose in favor of glucose.)
    8. Harriet Provine. Bill's many molecular models.
    9. Marjorie Stanischov.  Taught piano by Bill's sister, Helen.
    10. Josie Stein.  New Year's eve chamber music at the Stein's house.
    11. Tom Steitz.  No appointment needed to see Bill.
    12. Joan and Tom Steitz. Bill matches Tom with his future wife.
    13. Naomi Stephen.  Bill outmaneuvers the bra strap fastener.
    14. Peaco Todd.  Bill makes a break for it in his walker.

2. External Remembrances

Remembrances external to this website are listed in the posthumous honors section of Lipscomb's CV:

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